About Alaine:

Early Years 

Growing up, I always had an eye for art and colour, but did not know how to express it. I was not good at the traditional artforms like drawing, painting or sculpture. Unfortunately, school also did not provide exposure to a wider variety of other art forms outside these. Over the years I tried my hand at different artistic expressions like bead work and fabric painting and although I enjoyed it, I never really took to it. I loved colour and creating with it, yet I could not find a traditional means to express what was in my heart.  

Adult life

This internal frustration caused a level of despondency that would take years before I found my truly creative expression. As I grew up there were seasons of joy, satisfaction and fulfilment often found in my faith, horse riding, my community work involvement, nature and the company of family and friends. And while these moments added colour and light to the narrative, moments of depression, anxiety and insecurity depleted my soul. 

Then in a formal time of therapy, I rediscovered the ‘creative child’, who had lost her way on the journey of life in a wonderful way. Art therapy was recommended and one of the options was mosaic. I tried my hand at it, and once again something stirred in my soul. I came alive!   

I found a medium that used small pieces of colour, light and texture to tell a bigger story. My story. Suddenly every piece was significant, and it was important. As each piece of glass was glued to the board, I felt the energy of my creative spirit begin to rise. At first, my art was tentative, but as I saw the cut or broken pieces of glass form a beautiful image, my confidence grew. I continued doing mosaic and as the demand for my pieces and the affirmation of those around me grew, I eventually took the leap to pursue mosaic as a full-time career.   

The artist child became a woman. A woman who was ‘a part ‘of a bigger creative community. A woman who found peace in finding time ’apart’ from the busyness of life to reflect nature and restore her soul. This was the birth of APart Mosaic Studio – A place set apart for exploring creativity. 

Primary focus

I focus primarily on creating home decor and portraits from photographs with mosaic glass as my main medium. All my mosaics are inspired by bright colours and God’s creation of nature and animals.

I also love using mosaic as a tool for others to find the same peace and artistic expression as I did. I therefore often host events like Ladies mosaic and wine nights, kids holiday programs and present workshops for charities, community events or conferences.

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